Support for Community Gardens

The City Farm mission states our commitment to urban beautification. This commitment extends to helping those that wish to start or maintain a community garden. If your community garden wishes to apply for grant funds, but does not have tax exempt status, City Farm will act as fiscal agent on your behalf. Email for more information.

Summer Chefs 

The goal of this project was to give kids age 11-14 the tools and skills necessary to plan and execute a meal using fresh food from alternative food sources like the City Farm gardens. With these skills, the kids gained an understanding of how to incorporate healthy, locally grown food into their diets. This project also met the important goal of empowering kids to be comfortable in the kitchen, another facet of promoting healthy food choices. Educating young people about the value of community gardening will ensure that the next generation is not only environmentally conscious, but also has the skills to seek and utilize fresh, locally grown food as they transition into adulthood.

This project took place over three weeks in the summer of 2016.

Read about the Summer Chefs program, here.

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