Who We Are

Four Seasons City Farm is a non-profit organization dedicated to revolutionary food production and community-building in and around the near east side of Columbus, Ohio. Started in the early growing season of 2004 as part of a ministry of the Old First Presbyterian Church, the City Farm vision has expanded to include five different plots in the city, including a one-acre “New Freedom Garden” on the corner of Mound St. and Carpenter St.

Currently, City Farm is working to create a sustainable program through weekly sales at local farmers’ markets, as well as through distribution to local grocers and restaurants. All proceeds from these sales go directly back into expanding our urban garden program.

In addition, City Farm is committed to using the most sustainable farming techniques (including organic growing) and making the byproduct of those techniques (namely, our fresh vegetables and fruits) accessible to the immediate community. Every seed that is planted holds within in it a radical, transformative potential. We educate ourselves and others about future possibilities, create avenues for community-building, and become open to the new life and new opportunities that continually surround us.

Like the plants, we are digging in. Like creation, we are rising up.

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